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Investment Agency now operates under the Prudentia brand

A New Identity.                                                                           

The Same Values.


Dear Customer!

We hereby inform you that as of 10 March 2020, Investment Agency OÜ will be operating under the Prudentia brand.

We decided to join the Prudentia Financial Advisory team, with the goal to provide even more professional and reliable service to our current and new customers. Current step is in accordance with our long-term strategic goal to be the industry leader in the Baltics.

Both companies have been operating on the market for more than 20 years; therefore, the commitment to our current values and beliefs will remain the same once cooperation has commenced.

In the course of our activities to date, we have advised the purchase and sale of over 140 companies with total value of EUR 2 billion.

As of today, we are offering consultancy services for the purchase and sale of companies in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, in cooperation with Global M&A Partners (it operates in 50 countries with 300 professional advisors involved), representing this brand in the Baltics.

Currently, a total of 13 advisors and analysts are employed at our Estonian and Latvian offices.

As a bigger team, we are now able to provide services in business segments that have thus far remained uncovered, such as aviation, IT and railway transport.

As a result of our past work, we have been able to create long-term and reliable relationships with the managers and owners of many Baltic companies. The new cooperation network creates additional opportunities for contributing and advising on larger M&A transactions in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Together with our new partner, we wish to bring greater knowledge about the development of the company value to domestic market, and new experience in conducting M&A processes. Doing so for our customers and society as a whole.


Wishing for excellent cooperation,

Yours faithfully


Indrek Uudeküll


Prudentia Advisory